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Spa Relax

Jacuzzi , steam bath, sauna, heated couches


Back or Legs

Massage that focuses on your needs, relief and relaxation for neck, back or legs.


Is a well known form of massage. Based on the massage of the muscles . Manipulations made, improve blood circulation in muscles and joints.


Body massage that revitalizes and calms the mind. Relaxing and balancing with essential oils selected according to the individual needs of each person. Has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and enhances the immune system.

Exotic Monoi

This Massage ritual with authentic Monoi de Tahiti oil the holy oil in Indonesien, is a time full of pleasure that balances the energy flow and promotes complete relaxation and well-being. This precious nectar with sophisticated perfume, flows from the head to the soles by following the energy lines offering softening and purifying properties.

Candle Massage

In a peaceful atmosphere, flavored massage with warm candles creates a unique experience. The dainty creamy hot wax flows over the body in depth by nourishing the skin, while a combination of soft, stretch massage, pressures and large contiguous movement, relax the musculature, stimulate blood circulation, helping the body to eliminate all of the tensions inviting you to an enjoyable escape of sensations. You just have to choose between 3 different scents.

Hot Stone Massage

Massage that calms the spirit. Indulge in a unique sense of relaxation. Hot stones relax and regenerate the caught muscles. The stones emit warm energy vibrations that give serenity and well-being, in spirit and body. A cure millennia in which you can find the energy and spiritual serenity of your true self.

Lava Shells Tropical Massage

Enjoy a tropical massage with real shells of the Pacific Ocean that give off naturally calcium ions, which are transported directly to the skin through the action of heat. While the hot shells roll alternately with intense and mild movements on your body, muscle tension is eliminated , the nervous system soothes, and the bloob and lymph circulation is enhanced. Soft and subtle notes of exotic fruit, rich in vitamin E, this massage oil soothes, nourishes and gives your skin glow.

Saffron Delight Massage

With the precious traditional spice, saffron, we offer a deep relaxing massage. Following special stretching techniques throughout the body with the help of a silky towel.


Marine Body Scrub

Get rid of dead cells and get wonderful skin texture with the unique peeling using salts from the dead sea.

Olive Body Scrub

Exfoliating Treatment using a mixture of Orange and olive that remove dead cells and give a gentle skin.

Marinis Persian Scrub

Exfoliating treatment with almond blend that removes dead cells, moisturises, softens and nourishes deep dry damaged skin.


Chocolate therapy

A special body treatment for relaxation, toning, detoxifying and cellulite reduction. Chocolate is rich in caffeine, a substance which is responsible for increasing the metabolism. Get fit with the most dangerous weakness!

Dead Sea Mud Body Mask

Detoxifying and anti-rheumatic treatment that reduces cellulite.
The treatment is suitable for both spider veins.


Golden Sensation

The ultimate SPA treatment that offers you complete rejuvenation and wellness. A combination of essential oils and precious metals that can transport you to a world full of calm by balancing the positive energy of body and mind. The skin remains radiant all day.

Pearl Sensation

Collecting pearls from shells, we offer an excellent cellular regeneration therapy and extreme anti-aging results. The magical serenity of the Moon infuses your skin with beautiful pearl hues moisturing it in depth through a wonderful Exfoliating body mask and white pearls.


Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly enhances cellular renewal, promotes skin elasticity and skin renewal and gives shine.

Mud Mask

Facial treatment for deep hydration and nourishment. Suitable for oily skin and acne.

Choco Mask

The sweetest beauty care! Chocolate has excellent nutritional properties to the skin. Stimulates cell growth and hydrates even the most dry skin.

Golden Mask

Gold prevents premature aging, treating drastically the free radicals.